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JupyterHub AMI

Jupyter Lab

Launch this offering in AWS.

The JupyterHub AMI provides a multi-user JupyterHub installation with a batteries included approach and simple user management that can be launched on any EC2 instance type (including GPUs).

Latest version: 2.3.


  • Immediately start using your JupyterHub installation, no SSH required to launch any services
  • Multiple Python and R versions installed and configured
  • Multiple IDEs including JupyterLab, Jupyter Classic Notebook, RStudio IDE, and VS Code
  • A set of most popular Open Source packages installed, easily install others as needed
  • Basic set of extensions installed without cluttering the server so you can configure the installation as needed
  • Manage access of multiple users using an industry-standard system based on KeyCloak
  • Easily connect to external LDAP or Kerberos to federate users from KeyCloak
  • No per RAM or CPU pricing. Just a small fee for the AMI and use any EC2 instance type including GPUs
  • GPU and multiple version of CUDA installed for the best usage of PyTorch and TensorFlow
  • Based on Ubuntu 20.04
  • Free trial


This model has a fee of 0.15 dollars per hour. You will incur costs for software use only for as long as your EC2 instance is running.

Infrastructure costs are independent and in addition to the costs of software and it depends on the instance type selected.