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The software included in the AMI uses HTTP for communication. We strongly encourage adding SSL termination.

This can be achieved using an external load balancer such as AWS ALB or other domain hosting services.

See DNS for more info on how to configure a custom DNS.

Configure SSL termination at the EC2 instance

If you need to enable SSL between the Load Balancer and the EC2 instance:

  1. Generate the certificates for the target DNS and move them to the EC2 instance
  2. Configure the DNS to point to the EC2 IP address
  3. Update the /opt/jupyterhub/state/traefik.toml file. Uncomment the SSL lines by point them to the path of the certificates on the instance
certFile = "/path/to/certs/traefik.crt"
keyFile = "/path/to/certs/traefik.key"

Finally tell the JupyterHub service to use HTTPS:

  1. Create a file named: /opt/jupyterhub/config/jupyterhub_https
touch /opt/jupyterhub/config/jupyterhub_https
  1. Restart the JuptyerHub service:
$ /usr/local/bin/